12 Replies to “1980s rewind: Just when you thought it would hit No. 1…the story of the most frustrating No. 2 peaks of the ‘80s”

  1. Sheena Easton’s The Lover In Me from 1989 peaked at #2 and should have been a number one song. It was played constantly on the radio.

    1. Man, this feels like deja vu. I could’ve sworn I’ve heard this before in the past month. Lol. It is a great song, but it couldn’t compete with the juggernaut that was Debbie Gibson when it came out.

  2. Great article! Actually Bruce Springsteen was on a number one record – as part of the ensemble for USA for Africa on “We Are The World.” (Yeah, I know that’s cheating)

    1. Pat, yes it was! It still may be the only No. 2 song with that distinction (that’s definitely cover art material for the article when I write it)! Thanks, by the way.

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