(May 29, 2020).  Good things come in different packages.  

Every week, I get songs by up-and-coming artists from around the globe who ask the blog to feature them and their hot new releases.  I usually give them a listen and sometimes I’m moved to give the song a djrobblog mention. 

Last Friday, May 22, on-the-verge Toronto rapper Caleb Jacob released a new single called “Higher,” a hypnotic, soul-bearing tune with an atmospheric vibe and an unexpected rap cadence that had this listener doing a double-take upon first hearing it. 

The 21-year-old Canadian rapper Caleb Jacob

That was because – at the risk of judging a book by its cover – I never expected the flow 21-year-old Caleb delivers on “Higher” to be so, ummm, dope.  Perhaps that was more a reflection of my own dated ideologies about what rappers are supposed to look and sound like than anything the youthful-looking Caleb did or didn’t do.  The song moved me so much – lyrically, musically and vocally speaking – that I was inspired to feature it and Caleb in this week’s “I Get Songz” feature.  

Caleb independently released “Higher” to most streaming platforms last week – including Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.  Here are links to the those clips:


Caleb provided the blog the following about his new song:

“…for the most part, it’s about unity. I made ‘Higher’ after visiting my hometown, Calgary, AB, and after realizing how isolated most of my friends had become. I have friends doing positive things like going to University, raising kids, and starting their own business’ and I also have friends who are troubled and are involved in drugs and violence. This song is a tribute to both sides. ‘Higher’ is a song where the fear of being too cool for one group or the fear of getting involved in another is forgotten and the only focus is spreading genuine love.”

The chorus consists of these uplifting lines:

All the friends I got are family

No one I know gets left behind

We’ve all hit our lowest points

But that’s why we keep getting higher

The introspective “Higher” was self-produced and written by Caleb Jacob; it was then fine-tuned by a New York based duo under the alias of Fast Life Beats who have worked with similar artists such as Troy Ave, Dave East, and Koi Leray.  Caleb says the duo took the sonics to a “higher level of euphoria.”

Caleb Jacob

More about Caleb:

Whether spending time in his hometown of Calgary or working in his studio in Toronto, Caleb Jacob has been dedicated to his music since writing his first song at age 13.  Being the youngest of three siblings and always the youngest of his friends, Caleb naturally took on an introspective role, analyzing the experiences and situations he found himself in. 

It’s this passion for reflection that pulled him towards music and away from all other expectations.  His penchant for analyzing the world through music has developed into a craft with his signature blend of storytelling, musical prowess, and experimentation.

You can also hear Caleb’s previous single, “Sorry Momma,” released March 20, here:

As of my last check, the video for “Higher” was still in undiscovered status with just over 20 views on YouTube and just over 5,000 Spotify clicks.

Let’s help make this talented young brother blow up in the hip-hop game!  Provide your comments below or on the blog’s social media feeds and let readers – and Caleb – know what you think!

You can also visit Caleb’s social media feeds at:

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