I Get Songz: ‘Treasured’ rapper L. H.’s new album to continue Chitown’s come-up in 2020…

(July 17, 2020).  The fourth and latest installment of the blog’s I Get Songz series looks no further than right here in The Chi and a new album from a complex artist named L.H. who promises to keep up the recent surge in popularity for this great city’s hip-hop output, and for alternative hip-hop in general.

DJROBBLOG recently came across this very talented and unique artist and, well, to say we were impressed would be a huge understatement.  Here’s the background on the album and the artist, both of which we expect to blow up in the vein of so many other Windy City rappers throughout recent history.

Chicago rapper L.H. in Chicago’s Chinatown district.
Album cover for rapper L.H.’s new album ‘Treasured.’

The 32-year-old Chicago-based rapper, L.H. is out with his new project, Treasured. The album, which features artwork from The Legend of Zelda, a game that makes up far too many of our childhoods, creates the soundtrack to a new journey as it incorporates an array of beats and styles. The album, which L.H. describes as a close-knit piece of art that can truly be “treasured” in the heart, can be streamed on Soundcloud now.

Growing up influenced by artists like Nas, Jay-Z, and Tribe Called Quest, L.H. fell in love with the art of hip-hop and rap at a young age. The older he got, the more he was able to relate to the genre. He began writing in high school, and from there his passion just grew deeper. He began to see himself in a diverse group of artists like Lupe Fiasco, MF Doom, Little Brother, and Kendrick Lamar, which reflected in his craft as he learned to switch up his style and flow on various beats. His high energy, conscious lyrics, and emotional flow are products of all of these artists combined to create a sound unlike any individual artist.

He’s opened up for artists such as Cam’Ron and Rittz, and although the Covid-19 pandemic has put a temporary hold on touring, those gigs are just the beginning of what he has in store. 

Choosing to take a more reclusive approach to his life as an artist, L.H. has been spending his pandemic arming himself with new music. Rather than being plagued by the pressures of social media, he chooses to work silently, speaking out only to release new music on his Soundcloud page.

But don’t get it twisted, his quiet persona doesn’t make his raps any less hard. His name, which is inspired by Lion Heart rims, is just one indication of how passionate his music is. He pours himself into every song, showing a different side to his personality with every track. He proves to get better with time as each mixtape on his Soundcloud shows development as an artist, and Treasured has definitely shown that he isn’t stopping any time soon.

Treasured features seven dope new tracks that incorporate catchy R&B melodies and vocal hooks underscoring L.H.’s mature rap cadence.  From the first track “Get Away” to the next one “Remedy,” both of which use female vocals to complement L.H.’s thoughtful delivery (including a surprising plot twist at the end of the latter track), L.H. turns in an album that seems to combine different styles yet comes across as uniquely his own.

The track “RONG” takes a different approach to relationships than what hip-hop usually offers.  In this track, L.H. acknowledges his failings in a situation in which his lady was his “better half” and made him “a hoe.”  It’s a sharp contrast to “I Got Hoes,” a comedic track over an ominous melody produced by Minty Soda in which L.H. describes the various unsavory liaisons he’s had throughout the years.

“Thoughtss” continues the intentional misspelling approach this rapper uses in songs like “RONG,” while touching on more socially conscious topics and using an interesting sample of chant-like vocals to underscore his tempered aggression.  Closing track “Don’t Saver” is a play on words about a wayward woman – or women – who don’t need (or want) saving.

The songs on Treasured contrast with earlier songs like “GTFUOMBGTFUOMH,” which shows L.H.’s grittier, more aggressive outlook on life (you’ll have to listen to the track to get the acronym), and “Still,” which features a much tamer, more stripped-down side of this artist.

The bottom line is that each song, whether from the new album Treasured or earlier works like Hyruken, tells its own story. And yet, they fit perfectly together to create really dope product from one of Chicago’s hidden gems.

Be sure to follow L.H. on SoundCloud. He’s definitely on his come-up right now and this Chicago talent is sure to be known in the music industry as a heavy-hitting artist for years to come; and his SoundCloud page is where you can get all of the exclusive looks into what he has in store for us next.

Rapper L.H. stands in Chicago’s Chinatown area.

Here’s are SoundCloud links to “GTFUOMBGTFUOMH” and “Still” from L.H.’s previous album Hyruken


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