When the world experienced the largest supermoon seen in almost 70 years on November 14, it gave us a moment – if only briefly – to take our minds off of the caustic world of politics and the things that divide us as a nation.  We collectively marveled at the brilliance of a celestial body we’ve known all our lives, but which we had never seen at such a magnitude or brilliance as we did in its fullest state that night.

Now that the moon is approaching a crescent shape upon its return to a more normal distance and apparent size, what better time than now to show some truly super moons – in the forms of those musical moons whose brilliance may never fade.


Musicians from every genre have long been obsessed with the moon, and they’ve captured its beauty and power in many a song over the years.  And no matter what walk of life we music lovers hail from, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had a chance to appreciate the moon in all it’s celestial glory, as well as some of the music that pays tribute to it.

So I figured this would be a great occasion to celebrate the many moons that have graced radio stations and our personal playlists over time with a special countdown of the 30 Greatest Moon Songs, including classics by Pink Floyd, CCR, the Police, Duran Duran, the Marcels, Joplin, Bowie, Sinatra and many others.

Whether they’re walking on the moon or dancing in the moonlight – or simply barking at it – there’ve been many moons in popular music lore.  We’ve had full moons, half moons and even a new moon on Monday.

There’ve been desert moons, harvest moons, cherry moons and bad moons rising.

Even the moon’s “dark side” has been explored, although that was in the form of a Pink Floyd album title and the lyrics in a song called “Brain Damage,” which likely described your mental state if you are old enough to remember “enjoying” that one – and lived to tell about it.

Of course, if you remember it, then you weren’t really there, as the adage goes.

With that said, if “Moonlight Feels Right” to you, it’s time to put away those telescopes and enjoy this most celestial countdown of super moons, courtesy of djrobblog.  Continue reading for this special djroblist of music’s 30 Greatest Moons – in countdown fashion from #30 to #1:

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Nov 22, 2016 - youtube.com - 4
30. Sisters of the Moon - Fleetwood Mac

This fourth single from the Anglo-American band's 'Tusk' album came courtesy of the "Welch Witch" herself, Stevie Nicks, who wrote this song.



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