Okay, folks. I’m finally getting it.  There’s a national phenomenon that has swept the nation for the past several weeks in the form of people “freezing” in various mid-action poses, usually in groups, while a designated camera man films them to the soundtrack of Rae Sremmurd’s hit record “Black Beatles” playing in the background.

It’s been dubbed the “Mannequin Challenge” and people are taking it in droves.

The song that provides the soundtrack for most of the videos happens to be riding this latest viral craze all the way to #1 on the national singles charts, mainly because every time someone streams one of the likely hundreds, if not thousands, of different videos featuring “Black Beatles,” those views count toward the song’s chart points.

Rappers Rae Sremmurd who have the #1 song in America, "Black Beatles," primarily due to the Mannequin Challenge
Rappers Rae Sremmurd who have the #1 song in America, “Black Beatles,” primarily due to the Mannequin Challenge

I don’t know how the whole Mannequin Challenge thing started – and it’s likely that “Black Beatles” creators never even had it in mind when they finished the tune, but I’m sure the people at Eardrums and Interscope Records, Rae Sremmurd’s record label and distributor don’t mind the tie-in at all.

Meanwhile, people from all walks of life, including friends and family on Facebook and various celebrities at a variety of big time events, are taking the challenge, with many excelling at it.  Even President Obama got into the act with the recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom awards this past week.

So djrobblog has joined the fray and compiled the ten best Mannequin Challenges so far (as of November 26, 2016).  I qualify this list with a time stamp because I’m sure there’ll be many more to come, some of which would challenge those on my current list for G.O.A.T. status.

Also, this list comes with a warning: not all the challenges are performed to the Rae Sremmurd hit.  While it certainly helps feed the phenomenon that is “Black Beatles,” there’s no rule that says your challenge has to be done to it.

So with that, here they are: the ten best Mannequin Challenges…so far, as compiled by djrobblog:

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10. Comedy: "Cop is Coming"

This "challenge" is more a comedy skit than it is a challenge. But it demonstrates one tongue-in-cheek way in which you can get out of a really bad situation, if you're really quick on your toes, that is.

And, as always, thanks for all the love and support of djrobblog.


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