What follows is a countdown of funk’s most famous ambassador’s 25 biggest and best jams, courtesy of djrobblog.

When Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the White House in a decisive electoral college defeat on Tuesday, November 8, it was a shock to millions of people around the world who had all but called her “Madam President” in their presumptions about who would be the next leader of the free world.

But as we all know now, Donald J. Trump will be the next person to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW home, while the Clintons – Bill and Hillary – will, at least for now, stay in their residence on Old House Lane in the little hamlet of Chappaqua, NY, where both can continue to enjoy their memberships in Donald Trump’s Trump National Golf Club in nearby Westchester.

Man, the irony.

And even though this long, contentious election season included what will likely go down as the most polarizing, divisive campaigning in modern U.S. history, there is still a Clinton out there who can perhaps unite us.

At least musically…and definitely under a groove.

The architect of the P-Funk movement, George Clinton
The architect of the P-Funk movement, George Clinton

It’s a Clinton who actually foretold history in the form of his band Parliament’s “Chocolate City,” where he playfully hypothesized about a black president, even if he didn’t get the names quite right (an unknown Barack Obama was only 13 when that song was released in early 1975).

It’s a Clinton who ironically bears the given name of the first U.S. President, one who narrowly missed sharing the surname of a would-be next president, and one who, at 75, happens to be older than all of this past year’s presidential contenders (even Bernie, if only by a couple months).

It’s also a Clinton about whom comedian Andy Horowitz wrote a fake news story for the New Yorker in which then-Republican nominee Donald Trump purportedly unleashed a barrage of attacks stating that “anyone who is knocking me for my locker-room banter hasn’t heard ‘Atomic Dog’…it’s disgusting!”

This fake news story about Donald Trump and George Clinton ran during the presidential campaign in October.
This fake news story about Donald Trump and George Clinton ran during the presidential campaign in October.

I’m talking about the very funky George Clinton, the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and multi-talented founder and king of the Parliament-Funkadelic – or P-Funk – movement of the 1970s.

I’m talking about the lyrically and musically innovative, always-older-than-us but seemingly younger George Clinton, whose creativity in the studio and on stage built a funky foundation to which many generations of soul, funk, R&B, hip-hop and rock fans could groove mightily.

In fact, it was the “groove” under which he envisioned the Nation being united in the form of a #1 tune by his Parliament alter-ego band Funkadelic, a little ditty called “One Nation Under A Groove.”  That national funk anthem was ultimately named by Billboard as the biggest R&B single of 1978.

It may have been all about the funk then, as we “promised to funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk” in the midst of “gettin’ down just for the funk of it.”  But djrobblog is hoping this Clinton – he of the many outlandish alter egos (Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk or his nemesis Starchild, anyone?), cartoonish album illustrations (Funkatelechy vs. The Placebo Syndrome, Uncle Jam Wants You) and just-as-funny sidekicks (Bootsy Collins) – can now bring half the nation out of its post-election funk – if only briefly – at least in the form of this celebration of the musical legacy of the nation’s funkiest George.

With that in mind, it’s my duty to your booty to take a look back at Clinton’s biggest and best funk gems, many of which have inspired multiple generations of P-Funk (and G-Funk) faithful to shake their motor booties and tear the roof off the sucker in the process.

So even if you can “never dance” (“Flashlight”) or “never swim” (“Aqua Boogie”), hopefully you’ll find something you can groove to in this djroblist of George Clinton’s 25 Greatest P-Funk Jams…and it’ll take your minds off that other Clinton, at least for as long as it takes you to say “psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop.”

George Clinton

So, with the groove our only guide, let’s all be moved to the 25 Greatest P-Funk Jams, courtesy of architect George Clinton and his legendary P-Funk family!

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25. "Rumpofsteelskin" - Parliament (1978)

In the Wide, Wide World of Wiggles, this Motor Booty Affair was where we dared to shake our rumps. As for the character Rumpofsteelskin, he "don't rust and he don't bend...he's got dynamite sticks by the megatons in his butt." Yeah, we needed that visual, George.


By DJ Rob

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  1. This list is too damn funky….it got all the known funk cuts..but lack the crackhead dopefein cuts like…Mr.wiggles…smokey…thumpasourus people..sizzleanmean….ITS TOO MANY TO NAME…IF ANY ONE LIKE ME LOVES THE FUNK YA DONT NEED NO DRUGS JUST THROW ON SUM P FUNK &GET BURNT

  2. Thanks For bringing us this funk at this crucial time. George Clinton is a person I will dig for as long as I’m around, both for the pure groove uncut plush funk and the funky philosophies that go with it

      1. Man, I love everything on the list but I have to say “(Not Just) Knee Deep” is the one that makes me drop my jaw in amazement every time. Avant garde, funky, jazz, love the melodies and the groove, and I think George recorded over 90 people for the total sound of that record!

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