(First published December 5, 2016)

This 2016 special ranking of the 50 (!) Greatest Christmas tunes updates my djrobblog countdown from last year of the 45 Greatest Christmas Songs.   I’ve taken into account last year’s feedback from readers and added five slots.  The list also now includes a video for each song on the list, as well as individual song voting for readers, courtesy of my use of the listly feature.

There’s roughly a six-week period between the last week of November and the first few days of January when all we seem to be hearing is holiday music.  And each holiday season, radio stations – and, by extension, our personal collections – seem to feature the same holiday songs over and over, year in and year out.

Well, there’s a reason for that, my friends.  Those cheerful (and some not-so-cheerful) tunes have stood the test of time and have become Christmas standards.  In many cases, not only are they some of the best Christmas ditties of all time, but some are the best songs of all time, period.

So, after yet another Christmas season has befallen us, djrobblog has updated its ranking this year and come up with the 50 Greatest Christmas songs of all time!

This list combines the best of soul, R&B/hip-hop, pop, rock, country, new-age, classical and alternative Christmas tunes.  Check out the list (along with their accompanying stories and videos) and see if your favorite songs are included.

And feel free to vote and comment on each song or in the comment section about your personal faves!

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50. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - Elmo & Patsy (1979)

One of the most beloved novelty Christmas tunes there ever was, sung by a husband-and-wife country duo with the last name Shropshire. We never want to laugh at Grandma's tragic fate, especially at this time of year, but millions and millions have got a big ol' belly chuckle out of this tale of calamity and caution...year after year!

Happy holidays!


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