For Prince – It’s been an active 5 years since his passing; full of tributes, deluxe releases, Paisley Park, more…

(April 21, 2021).  Prince died five years ago today.  And in the five years since, few artists – dead or alive – can claim to have had as active an enterprise as the late legend.

Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)

Since 2016, Prince’s estate has released deluxe versions of three of his best albums from the 1980s – arguably his three best albums of any era. 

In addition, his Paisley Park studio in Chanhassen, MN opened its doors to the public with guided tours through some of the most intimate places where Prince created some of his greatest works. 

From Day 1, there’ve been numerous articles written and many performance tributes by other artists – many of them occurring in the immediate aftermath of his passing, but some in the years since.

Next on deck is the forthcoming release of the previously unavailable studio album Welcome 2 America, originally recorded and planned for release in 2010, but now slated for release later this year.  While the earlier deluxe albums all contained previously unreleased tracks or alternate versions of previous hits – along with their original versions – Welcome 2 America will be the first posthumously released Prince album consisting mainly of previously unavailable recordings. 

Djrobblog has been there through it all.  The blog has covered all of the deluxe albums, chronicled the various tributes – going so far as to rank them – and even took that tour through the famed studio where Prince died in 2016.

In fact, the blog has devoted more articles specifically to Prince than any other artist during its six-year existence, even more so than current pop and hip-hop music mainstays like Drake, Taylor Swift, Cardi B or The Weeknd.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Prince’s passing, djrobblog has compiled all of the blog’s tributes and reviews and linked them right here – in one place.  Below, you’ll find links to all 13 of the articles we’ve posted about Prince since that fateful day in April 2016, from reviews of the deluxe albums, to a ranking of his best songs, and from the tour through his Paisley Park studios to that ranking of the ten best tributes to Prince in the first year after his passing.

There’s an article comparing songs written by Prince and recorded by others to the original versions by the Purple One himself, and specific song tributes as well – including one to his very first single as well as another to a 12-minute version of a classic from the Purple Rain album (“Computer Blue”).

It’s all in the links below, posted in reverse chronological order and provided for all Prince fans to enjoy.

So please do!  And feel free to save some for future reading.  And don’t forget to provide comments in any of the articles’ comment sections or in the social media feeds where they’re posted.


Prince’s estate has released deluxe versions of several albums since 2016; see the blog’s reviews below, plus much more.


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  1. I have many musical “heroes” and Prince is my first and biggest: your articles about him are interesting and refreshing. Please keep them coming, stay sure the music will keep on coming.

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