“Got to Give It Up” – 40 Facts on the 40th Anniversary of One of the Most Iconic R&B and Pop Songs Ever!

Marvin Gaye would have been 78 years old this past April 2, had he not been shot and killed on April 1, 1984, by his father at 44 years of age during a heated dispute at Gaye’s home.

The late R&B and pop music legend Marvin Gaye (1939 – 1984)

And though he’s been gone for 33 years, his musical legacy has never really left, in fact it has continued to thrive decade after decade in old-school radio formats, clubs, remakes, samples and motion picture soundtracks.

Many fans young and old are familiar with several of his classics, including the nearly 50-year-old “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” (his biggest pop crossover hit), “Sexual Healing” (his biggest soul hit), “What’s Going On?” (his most socially conscious – and most daring – hit), and “Let’s Get It On” (his most directly carnal hit).

But there’s one Marvin Gaye song in particular that we’ve grooved to for the past 40 years that has been a mainstay at parties, on dance floors and on retro radio shows since it first debuted in Spring 1977.  It’s “Got To Give It Up,” which is not Marvin’s biggest anything, but certainly one of his most enduring tracks.

Marvin Gaye’s huge #1 pop, soul and disco hit “Got To Give It Up” celebrates its 40th Anniversary this year!

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Marvin’s funkiest jam topping the Billboard charts (April, May and June 1977), I thought it’d be fun to dig up some interesting facts about “Got To Give It Up,” some well-known, some you’d be surprised about.

Rarely does djrobblog pay homage to one song (I’ve given entire albums dap in my G.O.A.T. Album Anniversary series), but “Got To Give It Up” is that rare exception that truly deserves this celebration.

With that said, here are 40 Fun Facts – one for each year of its existence – about Marvin Gaye’s classic “Got To Give It Up.”


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A classic is born!

May 08, 2017
A classic is born!

"Got To Give It Up" was recorded in late 1976 and early 1977, then released on Motown's Tamla Record Label on March 15, 1977. Its label catalog number is Tamla 54280.

Once you’ve finished scrolling through the list, tell us in the comment section what surprised you the most about Marvin’s classic.

Oh, and let us know if there’s a favorite of yours that you believe is deserving of G.O.A.T. anniversary recognition!

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