Aretha’s 50 Greatest Crown Jewels – And Why She’s Still The Queen

(Note:  At the end of this article is a special countdown ranking Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin’s 50 Greatest Songs, courtesy of DJRob.)

When it comes to royalty, some reigns can be fleeting, while others can last a lifetime.

Queen Elizabeth of England, for example, gets to be queen for the duration of her life.  It’s a crown the 90-yr-old monarch has worn for 65 years and doesn’t appear to be giving up anytime soon.

Aretha Franklin has been the reigning Queen of Soul music for 50 years.

With the genre of music known as soul (and its close first cousin, R&B) now on the extinct list as far as mainstream music goes, the once-and-still Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin may well be its royal highness for the duration of her life.  She’ll likely be wearing the crown to her grave and will be recognized as queen long afterwards, for there are no true heiresses to the throne and – barring an unlikely revival of soul music itself – there may never be another.

Yet in her case, Aretha – whose powerful blend of blues, gospel and soul was the soundtrack of a pivotal time for blacks in America (and for America in general) during the late 1960s and early ’70s – really doesn’t have anything left to prove in an industry that so often discards its old and embraces its young.

Still, she occasionally re-emerges as if her career is on the line or her crown needs defending.  She indeed presides over a court that’s seen many comers, all of whom have portended to be a queen of some form of music or another.

Franklin has weathered and witnessed as queens of hip-hop/soul, disco, rap, rock and pop all changed hands over the years from one diva to another.

Several of them have experienced more commercial success than Franklin throughout the years, and one chart pretender even went as far as besting her record on the Billboard Hot 100, which I’ll get to in a moment.  Yet, even with better numbers in some categories, no one will ever be able to out-diva, out-perform and out-duel this most enduring of royal figures for as long as she’s breathing.

And it’s for that reason that she’s still the standard-bearer among divas.  To wit, even in her seventh decade of recording (since the 1950s), the undisputed Soul Queen has been in the news a lot lately.

First, she announced that she was “retiring” from touring and would focus on a new album to be released this year.  It would be her first studio recording since 2014’s Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics and her 42nd studio album overall.

She then watches as a title she’s held for more than two decades – the most Billboard Hot 100 singles among all women – gets dubiously toppled by current rap queen Nicki Minaj.  In a span of three weeks this past month, Minaj tied Aretha’s number of 73 entries, then added four more to establish a new record of 77 chart titles.  It should be noted that Minaj established the record with a bunch of knockoff songs that charted just one or two weeks and a whole bunch more that she was the “featured” guest star and not the lead act, but you’ll have to read this recent article to get a further elaboration on how that helped pad the rap Barbie’s questionable total.

Oh, and just so you know, while Aretha has famously collaborated with other artists like Elton John, George Michael, George Benson, Whitney Houston, Michael McDonald and the Eurythmics, she has never been a “featured” artist on anyone else’s track.  Her 73 Hot 100 titles are all the result of her being in lead roles.

Gives new meaning to the title “No Fraud,” doesn’t it Nicki?

But I digress slightly.  Now back to why Aretha is being celebrated this week…

Aretha Franklin played the Chicago Theatre on Friday to a capacity crowd of 3,600. (Photo: undated)

Just this past Friday, she performed a concert here in Chicago to a full capacity crowd of 3,600 at the Chicago Theatre.  That concert inspired an April Fool’s post here at djrobblog in which I had a bit of fun at her (and my) expense.

Franklin is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (the first woman to be inducted), the UK Music Hall of Fame, the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and ranks at No. 1 in Rolling Stone magazine’s ranking of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time.

And, using a formula created by music authoritarian Joel Whitburn in his book, “Joel Whitburn’s Top R&B Singles 1942-2016,” which uses all Billboard chart data, Aretha Franklin still ranks second among all artists as the most successful R&B artist of all time.  Only the late Soul Godfather James Brown ranks higher.

Aretha Franklin turned 75 on March 25, 2017.

But, most importantly, the Soul Queen celebrated her 75th birthday on March 25.  That birthday coincided with the 50th anniversary of her first (of eighteen) No. 1 R&B hits topping the Billboard Soul chart, “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You).”  That single reigned for seven weeks before nearly being replaced by her own hit, “Respect,” which topped the chart for eight weeks (the two songs being separated at No. 1 by a one-week showing for Martha and the Vandella’s “Jimmy Mack”).

Even though 12 of Aretha’s 18 No. 1 soul singles were clustered in a five-year span from 1967-72, Franklin has remained a formidable force in the industry nearly ever since.

The fact that, despite the announced retirement and some prior health issues, including pancreatic cancer, Aretha is still standing tall while giving concerts and releasing albums in a nearly 60-year career during which she has amassed over 200 combined singles and albums, many gold and platinum records, countless Grammys and other award recognition, worldwide acclaim and an endurance that would be the envy of most people a quarter of her age, is nothing short of amazing.

So, you see, now is the best time to celebrate the Queen of Soul and give her her flowers while she’s still around to smell them.

With that in mind, I’ve created this ultimate tribute – a special djroblist of her 50 Greatest Crown Jewels – the 50 Greatest Songs of Aretha Franklin, in countdown order from No. 50 to No. 1.

In creating the list, I use the typical djrobblog criteria: chart performance, sales, endurance, influence, and quality (the latter being a subjective factor that opinion – mine – has a lot of influence).

Aretha hit the R&B chart 101 times from 1960 to 2014, including 18 No. 1 singles between 1967 and 1985.

So which of her many hits will be at the top?  Is it “Respect” or “A Natural Woman”?  Or could it be “Until You Come Back To Me” or “Chain of Fools” pulls a surprise ranking?  Is it “Day Dreaming” that should rank as her best?  Or maybe you’re more partial to her ’80s fare, like the George Michael duet (“I Knew You Were Waiting For Me”) or “Freeway of Love.”  Whichever one it is, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this rewind through time as Aretha belts out her best gems.

Each entry has an audio or video clip, along with select stories about some of her biggest hits.  You’ll also be able to hear all these songs in order on a special playlist I’ve created here.

So scroll through this djroblist and enjoy the 50 Greatest Crown Jewels by the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, and feel free to leave comments with your own opinions here or on Facebook (or vote the songs up or down in the list).


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50. Won't Be Long (1961)

Aretha began her chart career with Columbia Records and this was her first of 73 Hot 100 singles in early 1961.